Trips and itineraries in the Romagna countryside

Discover the Riccione hinterland by taking a trip to the magnificent Romagna countryside, rich in history and culture.

Book your holiday in Riccione at our hotel: besides the sea and the beach, Riccione offers many places to visit, especially in the countryside. Whether you are travelling by car, motorcycle or bike, Hotel Consuelo always has a solution for you.

Romagna is a multifacted region: it will entertain you with a waltz or some disco music; it will bring you fun on the beach or at Aquafan, Oltremare and Imax (at a special price) together with your children; it can surprise you with a tasty piadina and a glass of Sangiovese wine... but there's more: its countryside reveals the hidden gems of its past. It is a world where you'd still expect to see noblemen on horseback and dames wearing heavy brocade dresses.

A few kilometres from Riccione...

...and the Adriatic coast, you'll find several tourist trails of the Malatesta Dynasty: villages and hamlets where time has stood still. Here are some which deserve a visit and feature some of the most highly-anticipated events of the summer!

Gradara (Distance: ca. 15 Km)

Gradara castle was the setting of the tragic love story between Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini, as narrated by Dante Alighieri in his memorable verses of the Divine Comedy. Today, the castle still contains all the original furnishings, arranged in a way that reflects life during the Renaissance.

It is possible to visit the hamlet and the castle with a guide at weekends upon reservation.
Do not miss Assedio al Castello – the Siege of the Castle, which takes place every year in July. It is a renactment of the historic siege of 1446 which sees the hamlet go back to the Middle Ages and features an amazing fireworks display.

Verucchio (Distance: ca. 26 km)

The 12th century stronghold is one of the biggest and best preserved of those belonging to the Malatesta family. Here lived the mighty Mastin Vecchio, mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The stronghold can be visited inside and art exhibitions are frequently hosted here. Particularly interesting is the collection of medieval weaponry.

Do not miss the Verucchio Festival which takes place every year in July: concerts under the stars with artists from all over the world, invited by the great pianist Ludovico Einaudi.

Torriana and Montebello (Distance: ca. 30 km)

The Malatesta castles of Torriana and Montebello face one another on two spurs. Torriana spans over two hills: on top of one are the ruins of the old tower which creates a fascinating landscape; on the other, you’ll find the majestic stronghold of Scorticara, with two round bastions, which now houses a restaurant. According to the legend, it was here that Gianciotto Malatesta, the jealous husband of Francesca da Rimini, was killed.

The castle of Montebello can still be visited inside: it is mostly known for the legend of Azzurrina, the ghost of a little girl who wanders around building at night.

San Leo (Distance: ca. 41 km)

The castle, which dominates the view from on top of a rocky spur, included a prison during the Papal reign. Many famous people were segregated here, such as the Count of Cagliostro, a famous alchemist, and some of the key figures of the Renaissance. Today it houses a museum of medieval weaponry and objects owned by Cagliostro and hosts several art exhibitions.

Do not miss the Alchemia-Alchimie Festival every year in August in memory of the Count of Cagliostro. This events includes dinners inside the fort, unforgettable firework displays, interesting gatherings and a magic-esoteric market, for a journey upon the discovery of the legends and myths that date back to the depths of time.

San Marino (Distance: ca. 27 km)

The world’s smallest republic can be recognized from a distance thanks to its three castles, standing on top of three hills. The medieval village has been largely rebuilt; its picturesque landscape and splendid view make it a place worth visiting.

Do not miss the Medieval Days in July: jesters, music, dances and performances will bring the castles of San Marino to life for 4 incredible days.